Geographic location is a barrier for you?

Technology is our passion. We believe that the more you share, the more you learn. We can break geographic limits and use tools to share our passion with the whole world.

You can be anywhere
and still be in a good community

Remote Meetups can be ideal for developers who find it challenging to go to meetups locally. It can be a great service for professionals and enthusiasts who are seeking to update their skills and broaden their network.

People don't need to live in big cities to belong to a real and vibrant community.

You can be near great minds all over the world and help yourself and the others.

Some of our featured remote meetups

An Interview with Dan Abramov

Dan Abramov is the creator of library widely used Redux. He works at Facebook.

Trailblazer with Nick Sutterer

Discussion about Trailblazer with its creator, Nick Sutterer. We will go over what Trailblazer is trying to solve.

An interview with Mike Perham

Author and maintainer of Sidekiq, the background job framework for Ruby, and Faktory, background jobs for all languages.

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